4/13 advanced class experience

先日の稽古で、 会員さんが何やら気づきがあったことを教えてくれました。

Our AIKIDO Sensei often compares AIKIDO with a dance, which is not fighting but “offering and “leading” (michibiki) and finding a single direction for both to go; finding paths of mutual coexistence” (Sh.Nishio Sensei).

I believe the same.

In 4/13 advanced class we practiced 正面打ち回転投げ(内回転)、正面打ち二教、両手撮り入り身投げ、etc.

I had a lucky opportunity to experience a dynamic non-stop AIKIDO keiko, that gave me new sensations and understanding.

In this article I would like to share my brightest impressions of the day with those who understand and have passion for AIKIDO.

When we were practicing the techniques my AIKIDO partner motivated me to keep moving constantly, without hesitation. Outstanding energy emanating from my AIKIDO partner was involving me into action. It was quite challenging to control that energy, but I noticed that every time when my AIKIDO partner and I started off in a good timing and acted in unison with each other in accordance with our roles of Tori and Uke, keeping “communicating” with each other, 技 was coming out naturally and there was “no more self or other” but unity = flow of energy = movement in harmony = One Moment, but we lived that moment to our very fullest. That was very inspiring. I thought that I began to understand Ariga Sensei`s words: “…we may suppose that the partner is red and we are blue. Based on this, aiki is not one color covering the other, but their blending together to create purple and thereby creating a world in which there is no distinction between self and other.”

Each keiko in いわき合気道稽古会 brings a new discovery. Each time keiko becomes more and more interesting.

Again and again I would like to express my deepest respect and gratitude to our Sensei and all the Members for their openness, generosity in sharing their knowledge and experience, for great patience, tact, caring kindness and support.


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