Ariga Sensei (6. Dan) multidojo/online


Welcome to another special keiko with Kaname Ariga’s (6.dan) live, from Saku dojo!This is usually the time when Ariga Sensei comes to Europe to give seminars in Spain and Russia… instead we propose to meet up in our respective dojos in Saku, Stavanger and other places – and attend a special class with Ariga Sensei live streamed from Saku via Zoom.In Stavanger, we will project the class on the dojo wall, welcome to do the same in your dojo!-13.00 Europe time (12 UK, 14 FIN)
-20.00 Japan time*How to join”
Click “going” in the FB-event as to receive notifications .To receive the Zoom Class link, register here: (link coming soon)The event will open 15 minutes before the class.*About the Keiko*
It will NOT be a regular class
It will involve partner practice – without physical touch or grab – but with a JO to facilitate contact practice and techniques between partners.If you don’t have a partner/dojo to go to, it is possible to join the practice online and do mitori-geiko (practice by watching).*About Ariga Sensei*
He is one of the closest Japanese deshi (students) of Endo Shihan, figuring as his uke in many demonstrations and instructional DVDs. He started Aikido in 1989 at the age of 15, and now teaches at and runs the Saku Dojo in Japan. He also teaches international seminars in Finland, Spain, England, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia and Germany.He teaches a simple, elegant, soft and contact-based, yet effective aikido style, and is a very friendly, generous and inspiring teacher.Videos with Ariga Sensei:
Embukai Saku Dojo 2013:
51st All-Japan Aikido demo:
Embukai Saku Dojo 2014: more information please contact host by facebook, email or call jacqueline at +47 98250628


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